Appellate Practice Group Spotlight

January 10, 2024

Our 50th anniversary takes place this year so it is the perfect opportunity to celebrate how each practice plays an important role in our firm's  success. This month, we are excited to highlight our Appellate Practice Group

Read more below from our Appellate Practice Group Chairs, Jeff Markowitz and Steve Warner, about the Appellate group. 

Provide a brief overview of the group and types of cases it typically handles. 
Our busy appellate attorneys have handled more than 100 appeals in the past 10 years, not only in Minnesota and the Eighth Circuit, but also in Wisconsin, North Dakota, and elsewhere. Our victories from the past decade have influenced a wide area of legal areas, including employment law (hostile-work-environment law), construction law (statute of repose), a wide array of insurance-coverage issues, and professional liability (accrual of legal-practical claims).

What is one thing you wish all your clients knew about your practice group? 
We are available to serve as appellate counsel at trial. Winning on appeal often begins at trial.

What is one thing people might not know about your practice group? 
We are available for free appellate consults and people can reach out anytime to, 

What has changed the most in your practice over the last years? 
Over the past decade, the Minnesota Supreme Court has been increasingly reluctant to affirm dismissal of complaints or summary judgment, showing a tendency to think that more and more should go to juries.

Learn more about our appellate team and find frequently asked questions about the appellate process on our practice group page